Dr. Stewart

- Graduate of Harvard College and the University of Colorado Medical School

- Completed 3 year Residency in general psychiatry at Michael Reese Hospital, 

  Chicago, Illinois

  • Served 2 years in Naval Reserve as a psychiatrist at Great Lakes Naval Base
  • Former Director of Northwestern University Student Mental Health Service
  • Former psychiatrist at Togus VA Hospital
  • Private practice following completing Residency to the present

I became a psychiatrist because I wanted to help people. Recognizing that all aspects of a person’s life and physical health can be affected by emotional issues, psychiatry was a natural choice for me. I enjoy being a psychiatrist because the work is incredibly interesting and professionally rewarding.

I firmly believe that a positive relationship between a psychiatrist and his/her patient is one of the most essential elements in delivery of successful treatment. Scientific studies support this belief. I will always treat you with respect and be interested in learning more about you as a person. This is central to my treatment philosophy.

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