What Comes Next?

We will make a plan to meet again to follow up on how you are doing.

If you have decided to begin therapy, we will start talking in more depth at that time.

This will involve me listening to all you tell me, asking questions, and the two of us working to put thoughts, experiences and feelings together to better understand and eventually resolve the problems you’re having. My approach to therapy is psychodynamic (considering how past experiences may be impacting you in the present), humanistic (always treating you with respect and compassion), and sometimes cognitive behavioral (suggesting specific actions you might take in your day to day life to help change your situation).

If we have decided that medication is needed, it will be important for me to know if you have any side effects (at the time I prescribe medication for you I will tell you what side effects you need to watch for), if you have noticed any changes in how you feel, and if anyone with whom you have important relationships has noticed any changes in your behavior. What is happening in your life can impact your reaction to medications, so if I am seeing you only for medication management, I will also ask you some questions about your present life.

Whether I see you in psychotherapy and/or prescribe medications, I will always encourage you to call me on my pager should you have urgent needs related to your treatment. I believe it is important for me to follow up with you, rather than for you to call the State Emergency Hotline. Many psychiatrists and therapists do not provide urgent after hours care. I believe that talking with patients when they are in crisis is part of a responsible, individual treatment plan.

Should you require an urgent appointment, I will schedule you as soon as possible, often on the same day.

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